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This group is for those who want to share the many aspects of the civl rights movements in this county.

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This group is for people who want to research and share the history of people, places, and timelines of the civil rights movement in this country. A large group of people have never been recognized or even known. We owe it to them to by finding out who they were and what their lives were like.

Of course there were events leading up you the civil rights era. Some go back as far as the 1700's. Slavery was a huge reason for the need for civil rights, So we can study and share that time period too. We can also seed or write articles about what's going on today. In this country, who is experiencing racism? Whether it's one person or 100 people, we can also find that out and share. But mostly, we'll concentrate on the past and explore many issues and cases that have never been resolved. There are hundreds if not thousands of cases that have never been looked ar or had very litte national exposure. This will be the newsvine group who is willing to devote time on the web and go from one site to another to find the truth.

We all know there were a lot of minority groups who were threatened and even killed by hate groups like the KKK. Native Americans, Jews--even some whites would have been seen as " nigger lovers" and would be intimidated and or murdered.

This group belongs to every member but we have to make some rules. Let's not seed or articles that will bring a lot of hate our way. Maybe it would be better to seed it to other groups and leave this one out of it if our article is going to find itself in a heated debate, Maybe we can stay away from politics too. And the biggest rule will be to not seed all of our articles to this group. I tend to write about the far right which wouldn't pertain since If it has nothing to do with civil rights and prior to that, the history of slaves.

This is a special place to remember the civil rights movement and the people who lived, died, and for those who couldn't get involved but who could only watch. Some had to think about their family's safety. I'm sure that was the case for a lot of black and white people.

So let's discuss it and see what we can do to make this a very special group on newsvine.


Darrah ( group created on 8 /4/ 11 )